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Is 55 Too Old for TV News, Even if It’s Working for Your Rival?

In ABC, Florida, NBC, Ratings, West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce on February 19, 2011 at 2:21 am


Laurel Sauer (Courtesy: WPBF)

In the world of today’s high-definition, younger skewed broadcasting industry, is there any room for an on-air personality half a decade from 60?

You’re probably saying sure, if it’s a man, because the glass ceiling for anchors and reporters tends to end sooner for women than for the opposite sex.

But according to the Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce station WPBF is betting on Laurel Sauer, and betting big: she’s currently doing special reports for the station during the February sweeps period.

Here’s another interesting twist: she used to work for WPBF’s chief competitor, WPTV.

From the Palm Beach Post:

The reporting job is Sauer’s first time on the air since September 2008 when Channel 5, the market’s top-rated station, refused to renew her contract after 20 years as the station’s lead female anchor. It’s a loss that rankles still.

I’m sure somewhere a consultant for TV news is screaming at the very thought of something like this, but could it be a gold mine for WPBF?

One thing: her contract lasts until the end of this month’s ratings period. Whether or not that goes into a full-time decision is anybody’s guess.

Sauer already has 28 years of anchoring and reporting experience under her belt.

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