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DirecTV: Raycom, You’re Crazy. We’ve Already Renewed Your Stations.

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Here we are three full days into 2011, yet the End of the World (as predicted by Raycom execs) hasn’t come. In fact, though DirecTV has issued no official statement as of yet, a company “spokesperson” has been quoted in several newspapers, saying slightly different things, but all with one thing in common: your local Raycom channel will still be on the satellite provider’s lineup after the New Year. In fact, some newspapers claim the deal auto-renewed and is good until Dec. 31, 2011.

This excerpt from a recent Arizona Daily Star article says it best:

Raycom Media’s position is that its current contract with the satellite provider ends on Jan. 1, and if a new multiyear agreement isn’t reached, DirecTV could stop carrying its programming, said Jeff Rosser, Raycom Media’s senior vice president.

DirecTV, on the other hand, said the contract extended to the end of 2011 automatically and there’s no chance of satellite subscribers losing access to that programming.

“DirecTV customers should ignore Raycom’s messaging and scare tactics; they are mistaken; the stations will remain up,” DirecTV spokesman Robert Mercer said in an e-mail.

While talks are ongoing, Rosser said DirecTV has become less responsive. The two parties disagree on when the contract ends, he said, which leads to the possibility of DirecTV subscribers in Tucson losing KOLD’s programming.

“We’re not using scare tactics,” he said. “We’re trying to do the responsible thing and alert viewers of the possibility.

But is it true? If it is, it certainly makes Raycom look more and more like it’s preying on its viewers’ fears, scaring them into believing DirecTV is an evil ┬ámonster that preys on local affiliates.

According to the Southeast Missourian, Raycom is negotiating on behalf of 30 stations. But nothing has yet been reached.

There is no signed agreement, but neither side has pulled the signals, said KFVS general manager Mike Smythe. Raycom has provided DirecTV a signed copy of an agreement that will allow DirecTV to continue to carry of the station into 2014, Smythe said. Raycom is awaiting DirecTV’s officials’ signatures.

Other media conglomerates Hearst and Insight have recently signed similar contracts for their stations, but Raycom seems the odd man out here because of their practices considered deceptive by media bloggers.

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