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Tennessee, Mississippi Stations Get New News Directors

In ABC, CBS, Columbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston, Hirings, Jackson-Madison, Mississippi, Tennessee on May 9, 2012 at 2:21 pm


Jackson, Tenn., ABC affiliate WBBJ-TV has tapped Keith Baker to be the news director there.

Industry firm Rick Gevers reports Baker has roots in the area and comes from WCTI-TV in New Bern, N.C., where he served as assistant news director. Baker also has major market experience in Tampa and Pittsburgh.

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Dothan Station Loses ND to Illinois Duopoly Station

In ABC, Alabama, CBS, Dothan, Florida, Hirings, Jackson-Madison, Tennessee on January 17, 2012 at 1:22 am

Katie McManus-Faye (Courtesy: Rick Gevers)

After seven years as news director for CBS affiliate WVTY-TV, Katie McManus-Faye will return to her native Illinois (and gain “executive” in her title).

Industry firm Rick Gevers reports McManus-Faye leaves the Dothan, Ala., affiliate to work for WICS/WICD in the Springfield-Champaign, Ill., market. Yes, it’s a duopoly.

No word yet on when her last day at WVTY will be.

McManus-Faye has quite the history with local southeastern U.S. stations, too.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Tennessee’s Broadcast Television Markets

In ABC, CBS, Chattanooga, CW, FOX, Jackson-Madison, Knoxville, Memphis, MyTV, Nashville, NBC, Tennessee, Tri-Cities-TN-VA on January 12, 2011 at 5:05 am

We’re more than halfway through our journey of states featured on South TV News, and Tennessee has a lot to offer within its borders.

  • At the top of the list, Tennessee’s capital of Nashville sits comfortably at market No. 29, according to Nielsen 2014-15 statistics. Stations here include: WKRN (ABC), WSMV (NBC), WTVF (CBS), WZTV (FOX), WUXP (MyTV) and WNAB (CW). WSMV and WTVF usually go neck-and-neck for first place in the ratings wars. All stations in the market broadcast newscasts in high-definition.
  • Memphis follows as the state’s most populous city, situated near the borders of two other states, Mississippi and Arkansas. It also is designated as market No. 50. Stations include: WREG (CBS), WMC (NBC), WHBQ (FOX), WATN (ABC) and WLMT (CW, MyTV). WMC dominated the Memphis market in ratings for years, but now WREG has been winning the battle consistently for months. All station broadcast their newscasts in high definition.
  • Not far behind Memphis in market size yet on the other end of the state is Knoxville, at #61. Stations include: WATE (ABC), WVLT (CBS), WBIR (NBC), WBXX (CW) and WTNZ (FOX). All stations air their newscasts in HD.
  • Next in line is Chattanooga, No. 88. Stations include: WRCB (NBC), WTVC (ABC), WDEF (CBS), WFLI (CW) and WDSI (FOX). WTVC leads the ratings war there, according to figures from the last Nielsen ratings period. Only WRCB and WDEF broadcast newscasts in high definition.
  • A little farther down is Tri-Cities, TN-VA, a market that extends into Virginia as well. It rates at #97. Stations include: WCYB (NBC), WJHL (CBS), WKPT (ABC), WEMT (FOX) and WAPK (MyTV). WCYB is the market leader for most newscasts in the ratings war. WJHL, WCYB and WEMT broadcast their newscasts in HD.
  • Last is Jackson, at market No. 176. Stations include WBBJ (ABC) and WJKT (FOX). WBBJ is the only station with a locally-produced newscast in this market, but competes in certain counties with stations from the Memphis DMA. WJKT airs a simulcast provided by Memphis station WPTY. Only WBBJ’s newscasts are in high definition.

(Above updated February 1, 2015)

That covers another one of several states we’ll be covering. If you work for one of these affiliates and have news about new hires, on-air graphic updates, HD overhauls, or anything that would be of interest to this local news blog, please let us know.. I’m not necessarily talking about station gossip, but that works, too. If someone uttered a profane word on-air, for example, that’d be something. Station sales, downsizing, things like that are also newsworthy. You can do so anonymously, of course, but have to prove you work for the station in question for credibility purposes by sending us an email to

Source: WBBJ to Go Digital, Get Website Overhaul

In ABC, Jackson-Madison, Tennessee, Upgrades on January 11, 2011 at 12:24 am

An anonymous emailer tells South TV News that Jackson, Tenn., ABC affiliate WBBJ will be getting two major upgrades within the year: the first, the station will be going digital.

I’m assuming here that means the station’s already digital to a degree because of the digital switch deadline, etc., but it probably means streamlining in the newsroom/workflow environment there. For example, many stations use that terminology when they go tapeless, to hard disk recorders or compact media instead of actual tapes to shoot on.

In addition, the station’s website will be completely overhauled. This will be a welcome change, seeing as how I went there for the very first time about thirty minutes ago and had trouble finding specifics on videos there (without clicking and watching first) and a few other things. If I have trouble, and I consider myself Internet savvy, what about others in Jackson trying to navigate the interwebs?

Anyway, no timetable for these two upgrades, but our informant says they should happen this year.

EDIT: I should point out that this was not confirmed by anybody at WBBJ, so we don’t know if it’s true or not. We’re trusting an anonymous source on this one.