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Florida Anchor Shows Up In Several TV Dramas

In Florida, FOX, Ft. Myers-Naples on June 11, 2012 at 11:52 am

Amy Wegmann (Courtesy: Twitter)

WFTX anchor Amy Wegmann may have taken a temporary break from the news business due to her husband running for political office, but she’s still showing up occasionally on television sets across the nation.

And no, we’re not talking about campaign ads. reports Wegmann actually had her first acting opportunity last year on the Lifetime cable network show “Army Wives” playing–wait for it–a reporter.

That opportunity (and the Ft. Myers FOX affiliate’s cooperation to let her fly to South Carolina for the shoot) led to another bit part, this time on the USA Network.

Wegmann explains from the article.

“Fast forward to a couple of months ago and that same [agent] called me and said, ‘You really need to try out for another reporter role,'” Wegmann told the News-Press. “I had so much fun on the ‘Army Wives’ gig and, even though it was totally out of my comfort zone, I thought, why not try out for it?”

That role on “Burn Notice” had a significantly longer speaking part than she had before. The episode with Wegmann airs Thursday, June 14.

But it was “America’s Most Wanted” that actually gave the news anchor her biggest acting opportunity yet. Wegmann starred in one of the May 4 show’s re-enactments, a main character in the piece.

“It was a tragic story about this woman and how her ex-husband shot and killed her husband right in front of her and her daughter on New Year’s Eve. I was reading through the script thinking,’I can’t do this. There’s no way,'” Wegmann said in the article.

But she ended up getting the part.

Southwest Florida fans of Wegmann need not worry, though; she said it’s one of those bucket list things she’s always wanted to do.

There’s no word on when Wegmann will return to WFTX, but it’s assumed it will be after her husband’s congressional run.


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