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Columbus, Chattanooga Among Stations To Use Rentrak Ratings System

In CBS, Chattanooga, Columbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston, Mississippi, Partnerships, Ratings, Tennessee on June 9, 2012 at 12:32 pm

Two stations in the South TV News area will soon be receiving an alternative to Nielsen for its ratings information.

Morris Network, Inc., has signed a deal with Rentrak Corp. to provide daily ratings that it says is more dependable than the diary method Nielsen’s used for years.

TV News Check reports the StationView Essentials contract will be used at five Morris-owned stations, but two of those are in Tennessee and Mississippi: WDEF in Chattanooga and WCBI in Columbus, respectively.

Morris Network president Dean Hinson said the deal should give its stations a competitive edge against its competitors and help tremendously the stations’ sales departments.

“For years the television industry has searched for a better way to measure local audiences, and after extensive research, we’ve determined that Rentrak is that better measure,” Hinson said. “We can provide our stations with ratings every day of the year from massive databases and not small diary samples.”

How do those databases work? According to Rentrak, the measurements cover all 210 U.S. markets and integrate viewing preferences from satellite and cable TV subscribers, covering more than 20 million televisions.

Will this trend continue to spread? Already, 21 stations have signed onto Rentrak since the beginning of 2012, according to its website. More than 150 stations already have the StationView Essentials services through the ratings measurement provider.

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