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May Sweeps: WREG Edges Out WMC In Almost Every Time Slot

In ABC, CBS, FOX, Memphis, NBC, Ratings, Raycom, Tennessee on June 1, 2012 at 11:14 am

WREG snagged first in nearly every time slot for the May ratings period. Photo Courtesy: The Telegraph

Okay, so it wasn’t as much of a photo finish as this representation would have you believe.

But Memphis, Tenn., CBS affiliate WREG can easily claim ratings supremacy for the May ratings period.

And WMC’s “big announcement” last week didn’t exactly help the NBC affiliate win as planned at 10 p.m., either.

The Memphis Business Journal reports WREG won every time slot except 6 p.m., according to numbers from Nielsen Media Research.

At 5 a.m., WREG barely edged WMC by one-tenth of a ratings point.

At 6 a.m., that widened considerably to a 1.6 point margin.

For the noon time slot, WREG maintained a 2.2 point lead over WMC, but the early evening newscasts show a dropoff. The CBS affiliate’s lead narrowed to just two-fifths of a point by 5 p.m.

WMC barely eked out the 6 p.m. time slot victory, with a 6.8 to WREG’s 6.6.

Finally, WREG regained the lead at 10 p.m., by two-fifths of a point.

Not to be outdone, WHBQ (FOX) held a steady third place all the way down the line, closest to overtaking WMC in the 5 – 7 a.m. time slot.

Bringing up the rear: ABC affiliate WPTY.

Full scores are listed below, but here’s something different. If you average each of the time slots together, here’s what you get:

(note each ratings point is equivalent to 6,700 households)

WREG: 6.03 (or 40,401 households)

WMC: 5.28 (or 35,376 households)

WHBQ: 3.06 (20502 households)

WPTY: 1.43 (9581 households)

Congratulations are in order for WREG, because WMC has long been the market leader for Memphis. Looks like November will help decide for the year.

Full Nielsen numbers (courtesy of Memphis Business Journal):

5 a.m.

WREG: 2.3

WMC: 2.2

WHBQ: 1.7

WPTY: 0.9

6 a.m.

WREG: 6.0

WMC: 4.4

WHBQ: 3.9

WPTY: 1.0


WREG: 6.4

WMC: 4.2

WHBQ: 1.7

WPTY: 1.2

5 p.m.

WREG: 6.2

WMC: 5.8

WHBQ: 4.5

WPTY: 1.9

6 p.m.

WMC: 6.8

WREG: 6.6

WHBQ: 3.5

WPTY: 1.5

10 p.m.

WREG: 8.7

WMC: 8.3

WHBQ: 3.1

WPTY: 2.1

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