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Former Tampa Anchor Charged With DUI

In Florida, Tampa-St. Petersburg on May 18, 2012 at 4:02 pm

Jennifer Holloway (Courtesy: Tampa Bay Times)

Probably a good thing she’s no longer on the anchor desk, right?

Former Bay News 9 anchor Jennifer Holloway was charged Sunday night (May 13) with driving under the influence after being stopped in Fort Meade, Fla., according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The article cites a police report, indicating the 41-year-old was stopped after an officer watched her vehicle run off the shoulder.

Afterward, Holloway experienced difficulty completing the field sobriety tests, according to the report. A breathalyzer test showed her BAC was 0.183. She has since been released after posting bond.

Holloway currently works for Bright House Networks as an on-camera spokesperson.

She left Bay News 9 in 2008.

  1. Lol join the russel rhodes club dumb ass

  2. the best anchor ever on tv,….dui is a symptom of how our society works,…..when our society and work schedules change to accommodate the human species ,……….there will no longer be a place for alcohol. Stress management and learning how to do without any substance abuse isn’t a short term fix it’s a life long project ,……and people who drink or have drunk in the past are the best people on earth ….if it weren’t on the market it wouldn’t happen,therefore it’s a societies problem not a personal one………to realize the happiness it gives is a fake happiness and not a true happiness is all that it takes…..please realize that some don’t make it out . Then some of us are given a few chances to change,….the only dumb ass here is the one accusing others of being one ! Always a fan ….Jen, glad to see you back on TV !

  3. Yes, I say that Jen Holloway was the best anchor any news program ever had!…Second and foremost this is a common occurrence in this day and age,….Dui’s are as common as hamburgers and fries,….both are society’s problems ,….as an alcoholic, I know this is a disease that kills ,….it just takes a good amount of respect to actually realize that hey,” these are real people that could be killed out there,”…..sometimes it takes a few wake up calls to realize MMmmm ,…..maybe I need to try being happy without and actually without is so much better,…..It just takes a real effort to change ,but it does happen for the lucky ones as long as they know it’s a life or death choice to remain active in substance abuse. Those that wait in sobriety see that good things happen and new habits can be formed. Only a few get to try sobriety a few times in their lives ,….so if one has the chance to be grounded I suggest staying that way. It started as fun and games and in the end it turns 180 and slams you in the face ! If I had a choice to spend the rest of my life with drunks and those in recovery as opposed to straights I’d pick the first batch for sure,….”we are human we make mistakes “, if you don’t make mistakes you’re not learning , living or even breathing ! JEN RULES !!! A real lady can pick herself up off the ground brush her dress off and go about her business. Exactly what she does !

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