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Political, Interactive Revenue Growth Helps LIN Post 15% Increase In 1Q

In LIN Media on May 14, 2012 at 1:21 pm

LIN Television

LIN TV Corp., a subsidiary of LIN Media, reports its first quarter revenues increased 15 percent to $103.2 million in 2012, whereas in 2011 that same figure was $89.7 million.

That’s a $13.5 million increase. But what caused the bump?

TV News Check reports the company’s local revenues increased 16 percent versus last year, but that’s not what made the difference.

Net political revenues increased a whopping 190 percent this quarter, at $2.9 million, compared to just $1 million last year.

Couple that with interactive revenues (41 percent) and you have a recipe for success, at least for the board of directors and shareholders.

LIN President-CEO Vincent L. Sadusky alluded to the recent business deal South TV News reported last week, which involves New Vision Television selling 13 stations in small-to-mid markets to LIN Media.

“2012 is off to a great start as a result of strong first quarter results and revenue increases in all areas of our business,” Sadusky said.

He also said the numerous synergies that would come out of the New Vision Deal puts them in an excellent position on which to capitalize.

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