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Traffic Reporter Let Go At South Florida Station

In Firings, Florida, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, NBC on May 9, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Nathalie Pozo (Courtesy: Twitter)

It may not be the reason for her departure, but WTVJ-TV traffic reporter Nathalie Pozo is the first on-air personality to leave the station after a new general manager and news director began working at the NBC Miami affiliate earlier this year. reports Pozo had been with WTVJ since March 2010, after being hired from ABC affiliate WPBF in Palm Beach County, Fla.

Again, no reason for her departure was given, which means she could have left willingly, but oftentimes a station will keep silent if the sudden exit was forced or the person left on bad terms.

Pozo’s biography is noticeably absent from NBC Miami’s website as well.

  1. Pozo’s dismissal should just be the beginning at that station. Some of the people they have
    or use for anchors at that station are so bad you have to change the channel. Their hair pieces look like bird nests not to mention poor grammer and diction. Who cares about their new set when they put inferior personell on camera that you can’t watch let alone listen too.
    Look at the ratings. They have gone from bad to worse.

  2. I was really disappointed to find out she had left. I felt she really added a good mix to the group. I wish the best for her. Stacey Rivera

  3. Nathalie Pozo Could Be The Next raffic Reporter At One of the rival News stations in Miami WFOR WSVN Or WPLG Some Time In The Near future She is Currently Working For Total Weather & Traffic & Clear Channel Communications Since May 2012 Will One Of Rival News Stations Sign Her & Make her there next Traffic reporter on there morning show only time will tell.

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