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Legendary Weatherman Celebrates 30 Years in Southwest Florida

In CBS, Florida, Ft. Myers-Naples, Weather on May 8, 2012 at 11:03 am

Jim Farrell (Courtesy: WINK-TV)

Meteorologist Jim Farrell has recently hit a bit of a milestone for those who work in television news: he’s been working in local TV for 30 years. reports Farrell was originally hired at WBBH-TV in 1982 and moved to WINK-TV a decade later. He’s been there ever since and has held the position of chief meteorologist for at least the last decade.

Writer Chris Wadsworth asked Farrell about how things have changed for on-air mets since he began.

From the article:

“Biggest change in 30 years? Computers!” he wrote in an email to the News-Press. “When I started in 1982, we used magnetic H’s and L’s (for “highs” and “lows”). Today, we have computer graphics, models and Doppler radar. The on-air presentation and the forecast accuracy have improved greatly.”

The storm that had the biggest impact on him since working in TV? Hurricane Charley.

Farrell was awarded the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle Award for more than 25 years of “contributions and exemplary service to the television industry,” according to his station biography.

Farrell hasn’t announced any plans to retire anytime soon. We wish him the best.


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