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News Director Out at Mississippi Station?

In CBS, Columbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston, Mississippi, Moving On on April 4, 2012 at 9:49 am

Russ Geller (Courtesy: Twitter)

It’s usually not a vote of confidence when a job posting is listed for someone still working at a television station.

And while that happens at stations across the U.S. anyway because news directors need to fill that position before a reporter’s contract runs out, it usually doesn’t happen to the man in charge.

But it has happened at Columbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston CBS affiliate WCBI-TV.

The job posting at the station’s website (current as of April 4, 2012) indicates management is looking to replace current ND Russ Geller, who’s been at the station since November 2006, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The call for potential news directors started Thursday when the posting was placed in the employment section of

Management said the station is looking for someone who is a “proven ‘hands-on’ leader…[who is] a critical part of our management team and will focus on the daily direction of our news product [and ensure we are] putting the best possible newscasts on-the-air on a daily basis.”

The application indicates it is open until filled, which means Geller’s days are numbered.

UPDATE: Geller contacted South TV News and said he gave the general manager one month’s notice he was leaving to take a job as an executive producer at WHBQ in Memphis, Tenn. According to Geller, he initiated the move, not WCBI.

WCBI-TV is owned by Morris Multimedia, Inc.

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  3. I can tell you why it happened, since I’m the one who left WCBI. I accepted a position as EP at FOX13 in Memphis, and gave the GM one month’s notice, so he could hire someone to replace me as quickly as possible. – Russ Geller

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