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Mobile Station Upgrading Studio for HD Plunge

In Alabama, Florida, HD, Mobile-Pensacola, Upgrades on March 19, 2012 at 11:41 am

New Set for WALA-TV in Mobile-Pensacola (Courtesy: NewscastStudio)

Mobile-Pensacola FOX affiliate, WALA will soon celebrate two new changes to its newscast operations: a new studio and local newscasts in high definition.

Though initially mentioned on the station’s Facebook page earlier this month, NewscastStudio had a posted photo of what viewers can expect.

The short write-up said the expected date of completion is expected to be in April. WALA would be the third station in the market to make the switch; WEAR and WKRG already broadcast local news in HD.

Not to be outdone, NBC affiliate WPMI plans to make the jump within the next few months as well, according to TVNewser.

Once that takes place, all local stations with newscasts in the Mobile-Pensacola market will be providing their viewers with high-definition news, weather and sports.

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