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Anchorman-Style “Street Fight” Kicks Off Today For Florida Journalists

In Florida, Jacksonville on February 25, 2012 at 6:56 am

Papa Burgundy lays down the ground rules. (Courtesy: DreamWorks Pictures)

What’s better than watching the “street fight” scene in Anchorman?

How about re-enacting one, complete with costumes and tridents?

Well, it won’t be a scene-for-scene, line-for-line copy, but today’s “News Room Street Fight” will feature television, print and radio journalists from the Jacksonville, Fla., market participating in a charity dodge ball tournament, where proceeds will go toward the city’s police athletic league.

TVNewser reports a local actor dressed as Ron “Papa” Burgundy will also be in attendance.

Brick killed a guy. (Courtesy: DreamWorks Pictures)

The winning news team receives an authentic golden trident trophy, because, well…you know. (Hint: the photo’s on the left)

Just who will be participating? According to the News Room Street Fight Facebook fan page, WJXT, First Coast News, WOKV, WJCT and several print and magazine teams.

Five different matchups will take place today. We’ll recap this with video from the event after it’s completed and posted on the Jacksonville station websites.

And the cherry on top: WBBM’s longtime anchorman (and narrator for the film) Bill Kurtis, with an intro to be shown to the news teams today. Enjoy.


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