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Exclusive: Former Huntsville Chief Met Discusses Move to Maryland, Part Two

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Dan Satterfield (Courtesy: WHNT)

Today, we continue the South TV News interview with former WHNT-TV chief meteorologist Dan Satterfield and his new job at WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Md., which begins next month.

Satterfield was gracious enough to let me ask him several questions about his new venture and his approach to meteorology after 32+ years in the field.

Part Two of our interview continues after the jump.

South TV News:  I’ve noticed on your Facebook page you still keep up with Alabama weather for the many fans on your page. Is that something you’ll continue doing despite your new job? Why is that important to you, keeping those connections?

Dan Satterfield: I plan on continuing to be very active in social media and will be introducing myself on WBOC’s Facebook page as well soon. The great thing about the new internet age is that I can really connect with those who watch me on TV. I know that seems to bother some of those in TV, but I think it makes my job much more fun than before. I love sharing weather and science info and can do things that TV does not have time for during a 30 min. newscast.

STVN: Someone told me once that getting a chance to work in TV for even 25 years is a blessing because it can be a turbulent, stressful and unforgiving industry. Coming into this new market with 32 years under your belt already, what do you hope to accomplish there?

DS: I take what I do very seriously. The average person only sees one person a day connected to science and that is the person giving them the forecast on the local news. That is a big responsibility, and can have a major impact on students. I’ve had a wonderful career in science and I hope to encourage some more young people to look into it. American students are falling rapidly behind other countries in math/ science, and on air meteorologists can make a real difference in turning that around.

Though I wish I’d have gotten to talk to him a bit more, I think we might be able to do a follow-up with Dan after he’s been on the job, maybe in six months or so. He stays pretty busy, though, with his Facebook page, where he still keeps up with weather for the Huntsville, Ala., area (a nice touch for his nearly 20,000 loyal fans) and a weather blog through the American Geophysical Union, dubbed Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal. It’s definitely engaging and entertaining, and has much more than meteorologically-driven content.

He even offered words of encouragement for resurrecting the idea behind this blog and the South TV News that existed some years ago, saying “I remember South TV News. Good luck on bringing it back!”

Appreciate that, Dan! And thanks for the interview!

Now here’s where I need to hear from you. Who would you like to hear from on this blog? Who would you want me to interview, and more importantly, what questions would you want answered?

Let us know by emailing us at We’ll definitely try to honor all requests we can.


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