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DISH Network Says Big Easy FOX Affiliate Too Expensive, Pulls Channel From Lineup

In FOX, Louisiana, New Orleans, Retransmission on February 6, 2012 at 9:51 am

WVUE (2012 Logo)

Those who live in New Orleans and subscribe to DISH Network won’t be seeing any WVUE broadcasts anytime soon, because the satellite provider is accusing the FOX affiliate of being “unreasonable in its demands.”

Local TV blog TVSpy reports WVUE is asking for up to 300 percent in affiliate fee increases, according to a statement from a DISH Network senior VP.

The two companies could not reach a retransmission consent agreement by Jan. 31.

WVUE is owned by Louisiana Media.

Here’s what the FOX station said regarding DISH’s claims:

While DISH PR efforts might throw around percentages that may or may not be correct, WVUE takes seriously the confidentiality terms of our agreements with DISH and others, and therefore we are not able to even defend ourselves publicly.

Hard to miss that particular part of the article, because it’s in a much larger font size and the text is red.

WVUE continues to talk about the fact that it invested “$37 for every DISH subscriber” in the New Orleans DMA to install a transmitter that allows everyone the ability to watch the station’s broadcasts without cost.

Sounds like an interesting war of words between the two entities. We’ve included a link to the original article from WVUE if you’d like to read more.

As always, we’ll update you if and when an agreement is reached.

  1. How can Dish Network customers in Hammond, La area receive the fox network while negotiations are handled?

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