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KATV Attributes November Ratings Win to Viewers’ Facebook Interactions

In ABC, Arkansas, HD, Little Rock-Pine Bluff, Ratings, Social Media on December 26, 2011 at 10:58 pm


In November, Little Rock’s KATV-TV edged out its competitors in every newscast but noon.

The ABC affiliate came in third at 11:30 a.m.

In addition, the website reports KATV’s household ratings actually improved in every category but the station’s 10 p.m., sliding from a 9.6 to 9.4.

So what caused the boost?

Station news director Nick Genty said the launch of high-definition newscasts in September and new reporting talent contributed to the numbers, but he cited social media as a huge part of it as well.

From the website

Genty insists such social media interaction translates into more viewers, as exhibited by the growth of KATV’s audience this year. “There’s got to be a direct relationship,” he said.

Consumers now want to interact with their news sources online, in addition to getting information when and how they want it — on their smartphones, through websites or on TV, Genty said.

But where are the stats to back that up? Genty cites an increase for the station’s Facebook fan page of more than 350 percent, to a current total of nearly 68,000 fans.

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