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Playing Catch-Up: My Explanation for a Week Without Posts

In Editor's Desk on March 10, 2011 at 8:47 am

Okay, I went a week without posting. Honestly, there’s this whole scientific reason I did this, which sounds so much better than saying I did this because my Internet access was on the fritz for seven days.

Part of the reason is traffic, as in traffic coming to this site.

I know how much comes when I post daily, but is it driven strictly by new content, or late bloomers who decide to chance upon my blog thanks to Google?

Or is it even mostly spammers?

I’ve been doing this blog for three months now. I’ve not gotten one comment from an actual person.

I’m still trying to get people to regularly stop here, but that can’t happen unless you post something.

So take this article. Click on it. Post something other than “hey this is great check out my exclusive cam at ***”

You want content? I want comments, dammit.


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