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One Month In, Tips Needed More Than Ever

In Editor's Desk on January 31, 2011 at 6:22 am

Well, here we are, a scant month into this blog. It seems for me an impossible task, because I’m trying to recreate something I thought was revolutionary so many years ago.

And I’ve managed to fill the digital pages of this blog for four weeks now, thanks to other blog sites and the assistance of you, the reader (and possibly, a local news enthusiast).

But now, I need more help from you. I’m going to unveil a Facebook page this week to try and get more interest in the blog. Most importantly, if you work in the industry, we need your input, your inside info. As always, your identity will be kept confidential unless otherwise expressed.

Because of you, this blog is growing. And I thank you for that. But we can do so much more. And I want to accomplish much over the course of this next month.

Here’s to February!


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